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A little treasure between the Apuan Alps and the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, Garfagnana fascinates all the visitors for its unspoilt landscapes and for the nature still intact and respected by man.
The deep green that covers the slopes in summer is replaced by snow-capped peaks in winter.
On the ridges there are fortresses and castles, and the water goes down to the valley, into the river Serchio, which continues towards the city of Lucca and then flows into the sea in Pisa.

Garfagnana with its scenic and natural beauty has become one of the main destination for trekking, biking and rafting. People who love peaceful walks go in search of berries or wildlife sightings in the Natural Park of Orecchiella. Garfagnana Trekking can structure paths for those who love walking in the mountains, with marked trails and refuges open all summer. There are traced also bike and horse trails. The water, the great protagonist of the Valley, offers many opportunities for people who love canyoning looking for strong emotions.


Garfagnana was already populated before the arrival of the Romans. It is historically and culturally divided between the two slopes of the Apennines, and also between the link with the city of Lucca and Tuscany and its origins in the Estense dominion and the Emilian traditions. Even the parlance is very different from the traditional lucchese way of speak. Garfagnana is a concentration of folk traditions full of fantastical characters which animate the forests and the peaks of the area, and it is also the native land of illustrious men who have made a valuable contribution to the history of the Italian culture.

The agricultural economy reflects a simple and nutritious cuisine tradition with products available in the rugged lands and durable for long winters.
The flavors of the Garfagnana are found in mushrooms, chestnuts, sausages, game and cheese with the country cooking dishes such as the cereal and legumes soups, corn polenta and fish specialties coming from the mountain streams.
The spelt and and the chestnuts flour have become a symbol of culinary tradition of Garfagnana.